Helpwora is  based in California, USA, with active participation of Volunteers  from various countries. The source of funds, apart from donations, is  proceeds from sale of books relating to the tragedy of the Sri Lankan Tamils.  Funds are made available to the needy, channeling  such through local Charitable Organizations, and identified dedicated individuals.

The following is a list of those Organizations and individuals who have helped in the past:

Donations were given to Mr. C V Wigneswaran, CM NP  in California – July 2015.

At the Toronto ( Canada ) Book  Release, donations were given to Joe Antony – May 2017.

Donations Given in Sydney Australia – July 2017. Dr. Jayamohan  and  Mr. Somanathan.

 London Book Release – November 2017  Donations to Thirukumaran Rasalingam.

Donations also given to the following:

  • International sustainable livelihood Foundation
  • Sivapoomi – affiliated with Tellippalai Durgai Amman Temple
  • New Opportunities for Wounded, Widowed and orphans of War.
  • Mr. Thondunathan – affiliated with Sivapoomi.
  • Mr. Aru Thirumurugan – Trustee of  Tellippalai Durgai Amman Temple.


We shall continue to work with most of the above in providing assistance to the needy.